Monster Vision 720P 30fps

Varenummer: MONSTER-CAMVI-07
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Kr. 999,00 Kr. 899,00


HAVE MORE FUN!Monster Digital’s action sports cameras get you in the game of recordingyour adventures and sharing them with friends and family. With theincluded 15 mounts, accessories and a 32GB memory card you’reready-to-go without any additional purchase.Capture incredible HDvideo up to 1080p at 30 frames per second that will look amazing on bigscreen TVs, smartphones and tablets.Take up to 12MP photos then simply transfer them wirelessly to your smartphoneto edit and upload to Facebook and Instagram. Additional funand functionality is offered with the self-timer, time-lapse and dash-cammodes. So get ready, turn on your Monster Digital action sport camera andshow us all how much fun you can have!


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